4. Packaging & Transportation


Normal & Standard Packaging for Exporting:

‧The inside PE bags have been treated with static-proof.
‧In order to have appropriated protection, all the exporting capsules
 will be packed with two cartons (inside carton and outside carton).
‧The outside carton is made with five-fold corrugated fiber board.




Normal & Standard packing Quantity:

Size Quantity/Per Carton
#00  50,000 pieces
#0  65,000 pieces
#1  90,000 pieces
#2 110,000 pieces
#3 150,000 pieces
#4 200,000 pieces




Container Usage:

In order to secure the capsule quality won’t be affected by the External factor (eg. the climatic condition), we use Reefer (Refrigerated) container (22℃) for exporting. And following is the related information of container usage:

Container Type Quantity (With Cartons)
40’ reefer container 456 cartons
20’ reefer container 189 cartons