Conform FDA、CDE

Professional and High Quality

Shing Lih Fang has a long history of being a professional and excellent quality empty capsule manufacturer in Taiwan, we had continuously achieved the full steps of cGMP, PIC/S GMP standard, and obtained various international qualifications, we always have the professional confidence to provide the excellent quality empty capsules and efficient service to our customers.
In recent year and for future expansion, our gelatin capsules are also registered in U.S. FDA and CDE of China.

China NMPA
United States FDA

Export registration number

United States DMF   NO. 20588|China NMPA   NO. F20180001281

Customize Imprinting Service

Capsule Size /Capsule Color/ Capsule Imprinting

Capsule Sizes

Provide various sizes of capsules for selection: #00, #0EL, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4.

Variety of Capsule Colors

You can choose from our stock colors, or we can tailor made for you. Please contact for more details.

Capsule Imprinting

If identifying markings on capules is required, we provide 3 types of imprinting designs: Axial Print, Rectified Axial Print and Rotational Print.


With GDP regulations, properly protected for your capsules.

Capsule Sample for Test

If you need capsule sample for testing new filling machine or new product, please contact us.

Technical Consultation

If you have any concerns of filling capsules, please contact us.

Gelatin and HPMC Capsule

Shing Lih Fang provides gelatin and HPMC capsules.

Gelatin Capsule

We have capsule made of bovine gelatin with HALAL accreditation, and BSE/TSE compliance certificates which is suitable for pharmaceutical development, and also is a good choice for dietary supplements.

HPMC Capsules

Our HPMC capsule imports from Qualicaps Japan with international quality assurance and not only well known for its high stability but also has low hypersensitivity.